Finalized Beef Cattle Production Systems Checklist

I found something interesting in the news today. According to Beef Magazine, the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service has been able to finalize its Beef Cattle Production Systems Checklist. You can find that on their website. This will allow the assessment of organizations that have beef animal welfare programs. Greg Ibach, the Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs,[…]

E. Coli Vaccination to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Broilers

The poultry industry is facing a lot of pressure and remains under close scrutiny from consumers regarding antibiotic usage. An article in The Poultry Site talks about a wonderful breakthrough that might help producers keep their flocks safe and reduce antibiotic usage, as well. E. coli infection, otherwise known as colibacillosis, is a common concern for most producers. Treating a[…]

2018 Spending Bill Program Promising for Dairy Producers

I shared an article about NMPF’s suggestions to improve 2018’s MMP-Dairy a few days ago. Now it looks like President Donald Trump has just signed a stopgap spending measure that will protect dairy farmers. According to Farm Journal’s MILK, Jim Weisenmeyer, a ProFarmer’s Washington policy analyst, said these changes were the most significant ones he has seen in his[…]