Can Blackhead Disease Decrease Egg Production?

The productivity of a layer hen is dependent upon many factors, especially overall health and wellness. Did you know that a certain condition called Blackhead Disease can compromise their productivity, as well? North Carolina State University’s Christina Sigmon said that this condition can lead to a substantial drop in egg production during the 2018 Poultry[…]

VND Alert in Southern California

Bird mortality due to infectious diseases is never a welcome occurrence. The Poultry Site recently shared an update about the spread of virulent Newcastle disease, formerly known as Exotic Newcastle Disease, in Southern California. According to the USDA, this disease is so virulent that many birds and poultry perish without exhibiting clinical signs. The California[…]

Are You Ready For the USPOULTRY 2019 Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award Competition?

USPOULTRY has begun accepting nominations for the 2019 Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award. This award will go to family farmers in poultry and egg production who are good examples of environmental stewardship. Nominees can be any family-owned egg producer or poultry grower that supplies product to a USPOULTRY member or even a USPOULTRY member who[…]

Zoetis Panel Discusses Building a Stronger Bird

The growing “no antibiotics ever” trend has veterinarians advocating the need for vaccinations even more. The Poultry Site published an article with a link to an exciting round table discussion, link to be provided below. The discussion, sponsored by Zoetis, brought together an all-star group. They discussed how to build a stronger bird. The panel talked about how[…]