Does Your Company Attract Millennials?

By 2020, Millennials will make up about half of the workforce, according to an article in Talent Blog. The Echo Boomers are hungry and ready to take over the world. We talked about this particular generation in our last ebook.

Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidate sums up data from a LinkedIn survey done on over 14,000 global professionals regarding their job-seeking attitudes and will serve as a helpful guideline to companies looking to attract the new breed of candidates. Below are 3 helpful hints that will help you attract Millennial talent.

Give them a Company Tour

Millennials want to test out the waters before committing because they believe in culture fit, just like the Baby Boomers. The LinkedIn survey showed that 51% would like to visit the office of a potential employer. This will allow them to assess the vibe of the company, to see if they can see themselves as part of your team.

Be Authentic on Social Media

Companies might consider being more “transparent” on social media since 55% of Millennials say they visit the company website first before applying for a job. Take pictures of your employees performing their daily tasks. You might even consider a video that showcases what an average day of a (job position) might look like in your company page.

Show Them Career Growth Opportunities

Millennials thirst for growth more than Boomers and Generation Xers. In fact, 42% said they choose companies based on career advancement opportunities. If you show them there is room for advancement, set achievable targets and also provide ample training, you will attract more candidates.

They are roughly 92 million strong, highly-tech savvy, and idealistic. Millennials will serve as the bridge between companies owned by Baby Boomers or Gen Xers and the future generations. They are literally the future of any business. This is why all hiring managers should ask themselves if their company is attractive to these up-and-coming superstars. Here’s a link to the full article from Talent Blog. I hope you found this as insightful as we did!

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