How Swine Producers Can Improve Herd Health Returns

Joseph Feeks, the editor of Pig Health Today, recently spoke with Micah Jansen, DVM, a technical service vet of Zoetis. They discussed different areas where a producer can improve his/her herd health returns.

Feeks stated that the industry is blessed with a “huge arsenal of vaccinations for viral and bacterial diseases.” While they could be effective, it depends on how they are handled, stored, and administered. Jansen concurs, stressing the importance of administering it properly. She says one of the biggest concerns they have is the actual administration of the product.

Jansen also says training staff to handle and administer the vaccine properly is very critical. She says training responsibilities vary and sometimes are not done in a thorough manner.

Jansen also says there could be a disconnect, especially when caregivers are not fluent in English. This will depend on who administers the training and how fluent they are in speaking the first language of the caregiver. One other thing to consider is the work ethic of the employee.

Feeks starts by talking about how the pork industry has a good reputation for using antibiotics responsibly. This year with the new veterinary feed directive rules, they are even more cautious about what antibiotics to use. Therefore, vets are putting more emphasis on vaccinations as the first line of defense.

Jansen agrees that this will make vaccination even more crucial. She says that it is not a “silver bullet” to prevent disease. Even so, it allows them to improve what clinical signs are experienced by the pigs. If all pigs are administered with vaccines, Jansen says they would be able to increase the likelihood that the pigs are going to experience less clinical disease.

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