September 28, 2016


How Swine Producers Can Improve Herd Health Returns

Joseph Feeks, the editor of Pig Health Today, recently spoke with Micah Jansen, DVM, a technical service vet of Zoetis. They discussed different areas where… Read more


K-State Talks about Applied Swine Nutrition Studies

Hey, it’s Jim! We found an interesting video from Kansas State University, its based on Swine Nutrition Studies that will be beneficial to individuals in the swine… Read more


MSU’s Aggression in Group Housing Survey

As a recruiter for Continental Search’s swine department, I enjoy looking for interesting content that will prove beneficial to friends and clients in this particular industry… Read more


Gamithromycin for Swine Respiratory Disease

I am fascinated with new developments in the swine industry. Aside from being interesting and informative, having access to new knowledge allows me to understand this… Read more